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Over the past five years, The Office Yoga Company has been working with corporate clients face-to-face all over London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh, as well as virtually to hundreds of offices around the world.

In the UK at least, more than 80% of businesses declared having adopted hybrid working in a recent survey for the Chartered Institute of Management (CMI). When considering providing wellness activities for your team, you may well be contemplating whether a virtual or face-to-face class would work best for your company. Or, perhaps, you have already decided on the format, but would like to learn more about how the sessions would work. Below we break down the differences and features of each.

Virtual Classes

Even with the return of ‘business as usual’, many businesses are choosing to run virtual events for their staff. Webcasts are a convenient, inclusive and cost-effective format, so it’s no surprise that this is the case.

We use Microsoft Teams to host our classes which is free to use, and can be accessed via an app or web browser. Alternatively, if you have another software that your organisation prefers, we are happy to accommodate. We live-stream our virtual yoga, mindfulness and Pilates classes to create a communal experience for the attendees, however, our sessions can also be played back later at a time that suits them. For classes hosted by us on Microsoft Teams, we can record the sessions for you upon request at additional cost.

Class Features

  • 10 / 20 / 30 / 45 / 60 minute sessions
  • Ad hoc or regularly scheduled
  • Led by an experienced, fully accredited and insured teacher
  • Live-streamed privately for your workforce
  • Securely hosted on-demand recordings upon request
  • For up to 3000 participants anywhere in the world

On-Site Classes

After two long years of working from home, many businesses face the challenge of re-engaging their staff in person and building team cohesion. Offering on-site group fitness classes are a great way of bringing staff together in a relaxed, low-pressure environment while also supporting their personal wellbeing.

To get started, all you need is some space in your office. Our desk-based yoga classes require no equipment and can even be done in regular clothes, allowing them to blend seamlessly into your colleagues’ workday. The exercises can be easily practised at one’s desk or a conference room table. Our mat-based yoga classes require mats and nothing else. Staff can bring their own, or, if you commit to a block of classes, we can provide up to 12 mats free of charge, provided you have somewhere to store them. If you’re interested in purchasing a set we can also recommend you some options for your budget.

Office wellness classes can even be live-streamed and recorded by the instructor, to benefit those working from home or other offices. We can also host our yoga and Pilates sessions at an indoor or outdoor venue near your office, for the full ‘studio’ experience. To find out more, please get in touch.

Class Features

  • 30 / 45 / 60 / 90 min sessions
  • Ad hoc or regularly scheduled
  • Led by an experienced, fully accredited and insured teacher
  • Mats included for classes booked weekly
  • Optional live-streaming for WFH colleagues
  • Delivered to your office in London, Glasgow, or Edinburgh