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We are fortunate to have worked with a vast number of innovative clients across multiple sectors, from ambitious startups to industry stalwarts all over the world. Our virtual classes have connected us with thousands of office workers in 68 countries across six continents (and counting!):

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, the United States, Venezuela and Vietnam.

Below you’ll find some of the lovely feedback our clients have shared from their experiences working with us.

“Anouska is really good at what she does and knows her stuff. I could feel the difference just completing one [Desk Yoga] session. My lower back was feeling much better and that night I slept like a baby after a long time. Highly recommend The Office Yoga to anyone looking.”

Aaron M.eLearning Company

“Anoushka was fantastic! - She held two virtual desk yoga sessions for our company (Reddie & Grose LLP) to celebrate wellbeing week. Her calming energy and presence was much appreciated and we received such positive feedback from members of staff. Anoushka was friendly, approachable and guided us through the process from start to finish brilliantly. A massive thank you! We highly recommend using The Office Yoga Company.”

Chantalle D.Law Firm

“Anouska delivered a wonderful class virtually over Teams! The level was perfect for the range of abilities and Anouska made everyone feel at ease. Communication with her was easy and hassle-free. Would definitely recommend her/the business! Thanks again!”

Sarah K.Executive Search

“Anouska is a wonderful instructor. She led our employees through mindfulness, stress relief and office-accessible self-care practices during our Mental Health Awareness Month programming. Her guidance is calm, supportive and inviting. We look forward to working with The Office Yoga Company in the future!”

S. N.Global Law Firm

“Anouska was a terrific yoga instructor. As someone who is a beginner at yoga, I found it very easy to follow along and participate. I left the class feeling very relaxed and all of my muscles were well-stretched. Thank you!!”

Erin T.SaaS Company

“Anouska arranges for us office yoga every week which was perfectly organised with great teachers!”

Jessica P.Software Company

“Amazing yoga sessions. Would definitely recommend.”

Amandine U.University Student

“Great experience having The Office Yoga Company host a virtual yoga session for us. Set up was straightforward and their team was super responsive. The session couldn't have gone more smoothly. Would definitely recommend Stephanie as an instructor as well!”

Megan T.FinTech

“Anouska was absolutely brilliant. She understood the brief of our meeting really well and the team loved her. They will now be incorporating some of the desk yoga into their daily work routines!”

Becca P.Pharmaceutical Company

“Anouska was awesome from beginning to end. Her service was extremely reliable and well received by our team. Thank you for facilitating such a beneficial session for our team.”

Chas C.Internet Publishing

“Anouska was brilliant for our desk-yoga session at our offices in Shoreditch! Everything was so easy to organise from the start and Anouska was great at walking the line between being incredibly professional and knowledgable but also able to have a giggle when a stretch is a bit hard to reach! A mixture of yoga newbies and veterans, everyone finished the session feeling relaxed and calmer after a stressful week! I would definitely recommend!”

Jess F.Design Agency

“Love the remote classes and especially the way Anouska teaches. She had a lovely calm approach to the sessions. Classes are varied week to week and even as a beginner have found them easy to follow as different poses are explained very well so encouraging for beginners like me as well as experienced yogis. Would highly recommend.”

Jo M.Design Agency

“Anouska’s lunchtime classes are the right balance of challenging and relaxing – leaving you feeling energised and ready to take on the rest of the day!”

Sharn K.Design Agency

“Anouska is such a lovely teacher with a happy and gentle manner, and guides you through all the moves really well. As a newcomer I was apprehensive, but she really put me at my ease.”

Siobhan J.Design Agency

“Absolutely adore classes with Anouska, I have had a knee recon and she always provides options and variations.”

Konalee L.Design Agency

“I didn’t come often but really valued you as a teacher when I did. You have the perfect style, calm, knowledge and commitment; I can’t think of a better teacher.”

Henrietta H.PR Agency

“Anouska is by far the best yoga teacher I’ve had the pleasure of learning from. Each week she takes us through different movements; each lesson is slightly different from the last, with appreciation for learners at different levels and easy-to-follow instructions on variations and improvements to posture. The best you could have, especially if you work in an office all day!!”

Amy T.SaaS Company

“Anouska recently ran 3 virtual desk yoga sessions for our employees around the world. Right from her prompt response to my initial enquiry to the calming and informative sessions themselves Anouska was prompt, professional and made the whole experience effortless. I couldn’t fault it!”

Meghan D.Tech Company

“I think this is such a fantastic class. The length is perfect and I think the level is right. I always come away feeling stretched, energised and just generally much better.”

Sophie N.Public Sector

“I attended a lunchtime session after a stressful morning at work, it was so beneficial to have the session and went into the afternoon calm and collected. Will definitely be partaking in more sessions.”

Amy S.Law Firm

“Loved it! Thought it was really calm and fulfilling.”

Will S.Cyber Security

“I just want to say that I love the class and always look forward to it!”

Robert H.Design Agency

“Anouska makes each session different and interesting. I always leave feeling lighter and like my muscles have all had a good stretch.”

Claire M.Corporate Real Estate

“Anouska held a fantastic 60 minute yoga session for our staff. She was extremely good at explaining the reason for each movement, relating it back to how it benefits desk jobs. We left feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated!”

Katy S.Banking Institution

“Deliah was amazing! Her chosen flow was perfect for a lunchtime corporate session and we all left feeling de-stressed and energised for the rest of the afternoon.
If we choose to do some more yoga sessions in the future we would be happy to welcome Deliah back for teaching!”

Annie S.Investment Company

“I had the pleasure of partnering with The Office Yoga Co for our consulting firm's Mental Health Awareness Month, and I couldn't be more impressed. The virtual sessions they provided were exceptional in every aspect.

Anouska was not only highly skilled and knowledgeable but also incredibly empathetic and understanding. She created a warm and inviting environment, making it easy for everyone to participate and connect with the sessions. The variety of wellness practices and yoga styles offered catered to all levels of experience, ensuring that everyone felt included and engaged.

The virtual platform was seamless and user-friendly, allowing us to join the sessions with ease. Anouska's attention to detail in providing clear instructions and ensuring technical support was readily available was commendable.

Moreover, the sessions themselves were a true blessing for our team's mental well-being. The combination of mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques, and gentle yoga flows helped us relax, de-stress, and find balance in our busy lives. It was evident that Anouska genuinely cared about our well-being and was passionate about promoting mental health.

I highly recommend this virtual yoga and wellness company to anyone seeking a top-notch experience. Their dedication to delivering exceptional sessions and their commitment to promoting wellness is truly commendable. Thank you for making Mental Health Awareness Month a truly rejuvenating and memorable experience for our team!”

Matt N.Procurement Company

“Never thought I would enjoy yoga until I took Anouska's classes. Her style is flexible and friendly, and she does an excellent job tailoring the program to the clients needs. I love the guided meditation element too, always feel calm, fresh, and empowered after her classes.”

Hailey M.Consulting

“Brilliant delivery, calm and soothing. Initially scheduled to be a desk-yoga session in the office, but we had to change it at the last minute to virtual, and The Office Company turned it around quickly for us and delivered. Our employees had a great session.”

Isabelle E.Licensing Body

“The team really enjoyed the Essential Posture workshop and it was both informative & interactive. The service we received leading up to and the organising of the workshop was fantastic! This is a great workshop for any business that wants to support their team's wellbeing as it shines a light on the importance of posture and movement, and how to better look after yourself whilst working from home or sat at a desk for long periods of time.”

Michelle K.FinTech

“Great Yoga session! Anouska was a really great instructor! Highly recommend”

Josh E.SaaS Company

“My weekly yoga session beamed into my study is just fabulous, really well focused, looking to help different muscle groups and to produce a well-rounded and tranquil session. Very enjoyable!”

Jane S.Public Sector

“I have never felt better after a yoga session. Anouska is absolutely lovely”

Hursh P.University Student

“The session was [led] by Anouska Shenn of The Office Yoga Company – and she was superb! 🧘🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

Not only was the session informative and challenging, it was great fun and I would definitely highly recommend 👍”

Paul M.FinTech

“We booked The Office Yoga Company for three Desk Pilates classes for our employees that are based all around the world. We absolutely loved the sessions and instructor. We’ve received so much positive feedback and definitely want to book them again for a future class. It was a delight to work with them!”

Angie M.SaaS Company

“We have been taking regular classes with The Office Yoga Company for over a year now, and have nothing but good things to say. All the instructors (Anouska & Stephanie in particular) are great, they are always on time and ready to start the class. Would definitely recommend, especially if you are trying to improve your health and wellness program.”

Alex M.Health Tech

“Anouska and her team offer an amazing relaxing and flexible experience. Helping to settle my thoughts and work on my mobility and flexibility, a lifesaver especially during lockdown and while working at home. Anouska approaches each class with great positivity and a really calming voice. Classes are perfect for all levels, letting you work on your own ability without being pushed too hard. I thoroughly enjoy classes and highly recommend The Office Yoga Company.”

Jenifer R.Corporate Real Estate

“Anouska’s energy and attitude are completely infectious. She’s smiley and happy and down-to-earth, and is equally able to motivate those who do yoga often and those who practise less regularly. She always makes you feel like you’ve achieved something and seems to love every minute when she’s teaching. She’s visited our workplace for private tuition on a number of occasions and her sessions are increasingly well-attended as word spreads. I’d recommend her to anyone, she’s a fantastic teacher.”

Fran P.Design Agency

“Anouska is a lovely yoga teacher. Feel completely comfortable in her classes, and come out feeling very chilled. Love them!”

Aga N.Design Agency

“Great sessions, and a good way to relax during the week whilst also working out.”

Davina H.SaaS Company

“Really enjoyed my first session – I did not realise how tight my body was. I loved it!”

Sara K.Banking Institution

“These [Monday Desk Yoga] classes, along with the [WFH Self-Care] ones on Tuesday, are wonderful and have really helped me to stretch and relax. Anouska is a fantastic teacher; probably the best yoga teacher I have experienced.”

Nicci P.Public Sector

“A relaxing Zoom yoga session with The Office Yoga Company was the perfect way to end another dynamic week. Through a series of gentle movements Anouska helped me and my team to unwind, strengthen and stretch our sore muscles. We also got plenty of helpful self-care tips to use after the session. I would absolutely recommend booking – your team will thank you!”

Rosi S.Health Tech

“Thanks for a fab class! So much packed into one half hour slot. Lots of useful stretches to do throughout the day and none of it was complicated.”

Susan E.Government Agency

“We had a desk yoga session with Adriana and it was LOVELY! She was really friendly and professional, and we all felt tons better after the session. Would highly recommend!”

Laura T.Tech Company

“Anouska delivered a wonderful class at our offices! The level was perfect for the range of abilities and Anouska made everyone feel at ease. Communication with Anouska and making the arrangements for the class was super easy and hassle-free. I would 100% recommend The Office Yoga Co to anyone looking to organise a fun and relaxing activity for their colleagues.”

Rebekka T.Law Firm

“What a lovely part of our company's Health and Wellbeing Week. Our desk yoga session was perfect for us desk dwellers. Anouska led us through a great series that I'll be sure to make use of in my day-to-day. Thank you!”

Cammy B.eLearning Company

“We engaged with The Office Yoga Company to support our business specifically for Mental Health Awareness Week. We had 3 20 minute desk yoga session spread across the week which worked really well.

Anouska was great, she tailored her sessions to specific requests where she could, and all the moves were achievable and easy to follow for those new to yoga, but still beneficial for those who have practiced before. The desk yoga was ideal if you have limited space, and as its delivered over Teams, its ideal for remote workers too.

I would highly recommend The Office Yoga Company for any business considering offering its employees some form of wellbeing support.”

Stephanie B.HR Services Provider

“Anouska has been incredibly helpful and my colleagues thoroughly enjoyed the yoga sessions!

It's been a very smooth process and despite having to make some last minute changes, Anouska was flexible and supportive of ours needs.

A huge thanks again for working with us :)”

Lauren G.Licensing Body

“Anouska held a virtual session for our company during mental Health Awareness Week. She was fantastic in helping me get this booked in last minute and everyone really enjoyed it.”

Nicole S.Software Company

“We booked a 30 minute Desk Yoga session with The Office Yoga Company for a corporate event with some of our staff. I can only recommend this company! Communication with Anouska beforehand to make arrangements for the event was quick and easy. Anouska herself to the class and was great at engaging staff and helping everybody feel comfortable and safe. I would definitely recommend The Office Yoga Company to anyone who is thinking of giving it a go.”

Aimee M.EdTech

“A great yoga class for a beginner like me!”

Fraser W.SaaS Company

“I love my Monday morning Yoga and Pilates. The classes are very effective and enjoyable. Anoushka and Stephanie are also both lovely so nice to see them every Monday.”

Maria G.Design Agency

“Very kind great sessions”

Raph U.University Student

“Corporate yoga sessions with Anouska have been truly amazing! The content has been diverse throughout the years. The atmosphere has been soothing – these sessions are also a deep relaxation for the mind. I have also had the pleasure to attend webinars on stress management and good posture, which were highly informative. As opposed to many providers that tend to provide repetitive and self-evident information in such classes, these were densely informative, well-researched and super useful.”

Nika O.SaaS Company

“This was an awesome event for my international team to have a 20 minute desktop yoga break. The session was very focused, very professional and really good tips for a group of folks that work from their homes. Enjoy!”

Diane B.Global Food Manufacturer

“We had three fantastic sessions with The Office Yoga Company and Anouska. Each one was informative and well presented. Anouska was also readily available for any questions we may have. For the outstanding quality of sessions we got, I would 1000% go with The Office Yoga Company again.”

Emily J.Tech Company

“Anouska’s yoga sessions are a highlight of my week. My strength and flexibility have improved massively since starting which is very rewarding. Anouska is great at explaining everything we do and at pushing me personally to go beyond my goals which I love, she is patient and helpful when we don’t understand certain positions, and just a lovely person to be around. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!”

Meg B.Design Agency

“I love going to Anouska’s classes – It’s a good stress reducer mid-day and brings a sense of calm for the rest of it. It’s the perfect pace, so it’s still a relaxing break. It’s a great perk to have access to every week at work.”

Samantha S.Design Agency

“Anouska is fantastic – I’ve been training with her guidance for 2+ years and she has made a massive difference in how I feel. Highly recommend.”

Jonathan P.SaaS Company

“Wonderful classes, lots of variety and takes on feedback for future classes regularly!”

Maia C.SaaS Company

“The session was really enjoyable and just what I needed in the middle of a busy workday. Taking a little bit of time out to stretch and connect body and mind helped me return to work refreshed and relaxed. The whole group thought the session was great!”

Emma D.eLearning Company

“Anouska and her team couldn’t be anymore helpful and professional! The communication was great whilst booking in the classes and overall the sessions were fantastic! There are many different types of classes to chose from as well. I would definitely use them again.”

Shannon H.Consulting Firm

“Thought it was great! Really enjoyed it and was refocused as I went back to work.”

James P.Cyber Security

“During lockdown we were offered online classes via Ogilvy UK with Anouska. I thoroughly enjoy her classes. They were shorter than I’m used to but no less impactful, I always came away feeling stretched and re-energised. I would heartily recommend to beginners or people with experience.”

Amy S.Advertising Agency

“Inspired to do more. 30 mins was magic.”

Jenifer W.Public Sector