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What Makes Us Different

Our mission is to empower office workers with practical tools – incorporating movement, breathwork and mindfulness – to support their wellbeing, reduce stress and feel more at ease in their bodies both on and off the mat.

What Makes Our Classes Different

Our corporate yoga and Pilates sessions are not what you’d typically encounter in a fitness studio. Instead, our purpose-built classes concentrate on training areas of the body where desk workers stand to derive the most benefit.

We prioritise strengthening commonly weak and overworked muscles while relieving tension in muscles that get shortened when we sit.

We focus on:
  • Strengthening the posterior chain of the body
  • Dissolving chronically held neuromuscular patterns
  • Creating balanced space and elasticity along the body’s fascial lines
  • Reinforcing optimal posture patterning and breathing
  • Spinal column stabilisation through intelligent activation of the core
  • Embodiment practices to restore body awareness and calm the mind
We target issues such as:
  • Forward head carriage (AKA ‘tech neck’)
  • Long held tension around the head, neck, jaw and shoulders
  • Chronically weak and tight hip muscles from prolonged chair-sitting
  • Pressure on the spinal discs and nerves due to poor posture
  • Habitual hunching of the upper back and shallow breathing
  • Lower back pain and sciatica
  • Anxiety, disconnection from the body and ‘living from the neck up’

Needless to say, you won’t find any over-stretched hamstrings or headstands in our classes. Instead, we deliver informed sequences that create balanced space and strength in the body, and help counter the stresses incurred from long hours of computer work.

While we are proud to work with some of the biggest names in their respective fields, we consciously choose to remain a boutique agency and limit the number of clients we partner with. This strategy allows us to be agile and flexible, and offer our clients a bespoke service.

Further, unlike many of our competitors who boast a seemingly endless supply of teachers, our team consists of just a handful of carefully chosen individuals whose teaching approach, professionalism and warm personalities perfectly embody our values.

Each one of our teachers is vetted by our founder and has a proven track record leading corporate classes. And because of our size, you’ll be dealing with the person in charge, rather than an account handler or salesperson.

Your vision is important to us and you’ll have the opportunity to be closely involved in the unfolding of your wellbeing programme or initiative, should you like to be.


Anouska Shenn

Anouska was first introduced to yoga at age seven by her mother and has kept a consistent practice for over 20 years. She is certified to teach yoga (E-RYT® 200, YACEP®), breathwork, meditation, and Pilates (BASI®).

Before founding The Office Yoga Company in 2017, Anouska studied economics and graphic design. She worked at various companies across London from fashion houses to international banks, and was involved in a number of design projects in the Far East. Her passion for teaching yoga and her corporate background inspired her to create an accessible and therapeutic movement practice calibrated for office workers.

Since then, she has worked with 10,000+ office workers around the world, and her start-up has grown from a solo operation to a team of nine experienced instructors.

Anouska is available for media requests, strategy consulting, and to deliver talks at events, in London and online.

Anouska Shenn

Our Instructors

We are a small but mighty team, passionate about making a difference to our clients’ workdays, one class at a time! We achieve results by tailoring each class to be specific and unique to the group that we know will be in front of us, and to evolve the practice based on individual abilities and needs. All of our instructors have at least two years’ teaching experience, are fully insured, and are certified by the world’s leading credentialing bodies.

Our accreditations

Currently, our instructors are based in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and we are looking to expand our reach to other cities.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, do send us a message. Please email us with your CV and a link to a video of you teaching.


Good for Your Business,
Good for the Planet

The Office Yoga Company is proud to be a climate positive, low carbon business and we have chosen to partner with Ecologi for the past two years to offset our carbon footprint.

Climate positive workforce