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Most of us are familiar with the concept of our physiology casting an important influence on our mental wellbeing, and research continues to support this link. In a recent randomised controlled trial comparing the effects of upright versus slumped postures on mood and self-confidence, adopting a straighter seated posture was found to reduce anxiety and improve mood and self-esteem (Nair et al., 2015).

The pandemic has transformed the world of work for many industries, accelerating digital transformation and the rise of remote working. As weeks turned into months, what at first may have seemed like a stop-gap has become a new state of affairs. It seems as though hybrid working is here to stay, and we owe it to ourselves to give more than just a passing thought to our WFH habits.

With that in mind, our posture workshops are designed to address common computer-work challenges through the lens of biomechanics by targeting common patterns of tension and muscular imbalances. You will be guided systematically through an assessment of your workstation as well as your seated and standing postures to see where improvements can be made to support your personal physical wellbeing and productivity. We will cover practical strategies for working comfortably from home or at the office, making your desk setup kinder to your body, in addition to exploring techniques derived from yoga and other movement traditions to help undo and minimise the effects of sitting at a desk.

No props are necessary, although we do recommend having a notebook and pen handy for taking notes.

These sessions are led by our founder, Anouska.

What's Included?

    • 45 / 60 minute sessions for up to 80 participants*

    • Private live streamed classes for your workforce

    • Securely hosted recordings watchable anytime

    • Downloadable presentation slides for your attendees

What Are the Benefits?

    • Reduced anxiety

    • Reduced muscular tension

    • Enhanced focus

    • Improved mood

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