Virtual Corporate Mindfulness Classes

Corporate Mindfulness classes provide a simple and effective way of supporting your team’s wellbeing, by inviting them to take a break and switch off from their work.

Though advancements in technology have afforded us many more ways to communicate and stay connected with our colleagues, they have also contributed to our always-on culture and the rise of presenteeism. Working from home during the pandemic has further blurred the boundaries between our work and our personal lives, leaving many of us feeling frazzled and teetering towards the edge of burnout.

In a study conducted by Aviva last year, half of participants identified with struggling with disconnecting from worries about work, and more than a quarter agreed that they were neglecting their physical and mental wellbeing as a result of being so busy. Taking the time to pause and reflect and to mentally ‘catch our breath’ has never been more important to reduce the negative toll on our health.

Mindfulness practices can vary in methodology and may incorporate techniques such as breath awareness, body scanning and visualisation. In general, they encourage practitioners to embrace non-judgmental observation and acceptance of thoughts, emotions and sensations as they arise. Mindfulness can also be thought of as present-moment awareness, helping us to see things as they are and let go of anxiety. When practised regularly, these techniques help to counter stress, regulate our emotions and think more clearly.

According to research from Harvard University, we spend almost half of our waking hours lost in thought. Through the studies they conducted monitoring subjects’ moods over a number of weeks, the researchers found that how often our minds get distracted from the task at hand actually had a greater impact on our happiness than the activities themselves. Presence of mind, a skill we can cultivate through the practice of mindfulness, has undeniable benefits for our mental health that go well beyond the obvious.

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What are the advantages of offering wellbeing classes?

Numerous studies have shown that the benefits of providing wellbeing programmes in the workplace more than offset their cost by lowering staff turnover, improving productivity, attracting the best talent, and reducing the number of days lost to stress-related illness.

They’re also excellent for getting people moving while working remotely to help manage and prevent aches and pains, while also engaging with their colleagues in a relaxed, collaborative way.

What if I can’t make the scheduled start time?

We stream our classes live to create a communal experience for our attendees, however, our sessions can also be played back later at a time that suits you.

If you’re running a few minutes late, you can still join the session via the same link.

Will my camera be on?

It’s entirely up to you. Zoom Fatigue is real! We usually recommend that people enable them at the start to greet each other. Once the class has begun, you may prefer to have cameras switched off so you can more deeply enter the space of your practice.

How many people can join?

For the prices quoted on our website, the limit is 80 participants. For larger groups, please get in touch with your requirements. Our meeting rooms can hold up to 20,000 participants.

Who can attend?

All levels are welcome, from complete beginners to seasoned yogis. Modifications will be given to adapt the poses to any level and any body. We regret that our fitness classes are not suitable for pregnant women.

What equipment do we need?

For our fitness classes, we recommend participants wear loose comfortable clothing that allow for easy movement. Our desk-based practices require minimal space – just somewhere to sit, and a bit of space to stand and move around in. For our mat-based classes, we suggest practising on carpeted floor, or on a rug, towel or exercise mat if on hard floor. Traditional props such as yoga blocks and straps are not necessary, but can be easily improvised at home (see our article on this for ideas!).

What if we need to cancel?

Cancellations/reschedules may be made with no charge as long as at least two business days’ notice is given. Admin fees are non-refundable.

Are your teachers insured?

Yes, all of our instructors are fully accredited and carry liability insurance.

How much will it cost?

Prices for our virtual events start from just £35 a session. The prices quoted on our website are applicable for groups of fewer than 80 participants, and are calculated based on the length and quantity of class(es) booked. For larger groups, please get in touch with your requirements.


Any Questions?

We’d love to hear from you. For large scale events and in-person classes, please send us an email or give us a call to book.

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