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Wellness at Work

What Works? Research-backed Ways for Boosting Your Wellbeing at Work

In this article we share some practical tips that are rooted in science for improving…
Woman using standing desk
Wellness at Work

8 Ways to Move More During Your Work Day (and Why)

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that computer work makes up a significant…
Man working out while WFH
Wellness at Work

6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Livestreamed Yoga Classes

With more of us taking our yoga classes into our living spaces, you might have…
Man working from home
Wellness at Work

How to Make Your WFH Setup Kinder to Your Body

In the new era of #WFH, home office ergonomics have never been more important. In…
Virtual corporate yoga class
Wellness at Work

How to Organise Virtual Yoga Classes for Your Colleagues

The shift to working from home has brought about many welcome changes for office workers,…
Colleagues practising yoga
Wellness at Work

Virtual vs. On-Site Wellbeing Classes

Over the past five years, The Office Yoga Company has been working with corporate clients…