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Though advancements in technology have afforded us many more ways to communicate and stay connected with our colleagues, they have also contributed to our always-on culture and the rise of presenteeism. Working from home during the pandemic has further blurred the boundaries between our work and our personal lives, leaving many of us feeling frazzled and teetering towards the edge of burnout.

In a study conducted by Aviva last year, half of participants identified with struggling with disconnecting from worries about work, and more than a quarter agreed that they were neglecting their physical and mental wellbeing as a result of being so busy. Taking the time to pause and reflect and to mentally ‘catch our breath’ has never been more important to reduce the negative toll on our health.

Mindfulness classes provide a simple and effective way of supporting your team’s wellbeing, by inviting them to take a break and switch off from their work. We offer a variety of classes:

Mindfulness Classes
Intensity ︎︎︎︎︎
In these sessions, we explore techniques derived from various methodologies to let go of stress, clear the mind and connect to bliss. These may include breath awareness, body scanning, visualisation, somatic practices, loving-kindness meditation and gratitude meditation, among many others. 

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Yogic Sleep
Intensity ︎︎︎︎︎
Yogic Sleep, also known as Yoga Nidra, is a form of guided relaxation to restore and refresh, where the physical body drops into a state of profound rest in between wakefulness and sleep, while the mind remains fully conscious. During this practice, the nervous system is pacified, and our minds go into a meditative state inducing a deep relaxation response.

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Desk Yoga & Mindfulness
Intensity ︎︎︎︎︎
As the name suggests, these classes are predominately chair-based so many of the postures are seated, and some will be performed standing. As well as gentle movement and stretches, this class also includes breathwork and mindfulness exercises. Attendees can be wearing regular clothes for this, making it very easy to incorporate into the middle of the work day. We’re often asked to run these during breaks for all-day conferences to get people moving and increase their focus and energy levels.

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Mindfulness practices can vary in methodology and may incorporate techniques such as breath awareness, body scanning and visualisation. In general, they encourage practitioners to embrace non-judgmental observation and acceptance of thoughts, emotions and sensations as they arise. Mindfulness can also be thought of as present-moment self-awareness, helping us to see things as they are and let go of anxiety. When practised regularly, these techniques help to counter stress, regulate our emotions and think more clearly.


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The benefits of offering mindfulness in the workplace are numerous and go well beyond stress reduction. To name a few:

Reduced stress
Reduced anxiety
Reduced muscular tension
Reduced muscular tension
Enhanced focus
Enhanced focus
Improved sleep
Improved sleep quality


Please send us an email or give us a call to  book, or set up a consultation to discuss your company’s specific needs and how we can best meet them.

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