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At The Office Yoga Company, we believe in yoga without dogma. No jargon, no scriptures; just straightforward sequences and techniques tailored specifically to people who work at a desk.

Our mission is to empower office workers with practical tools – incorporating movement, breath and mindfulness – to support their wellbeing, reduce stress and feel more at ease in their bodies both on and off the mat. 
Woman practising virtual corporate yoga at home


Anouska Shenn was first introduced to yoga at a young age by her mother and has kept a consistent practice for over 17 years.

Before she began teaching yoga in 2017, Anouska studied economics and was a self-taught graphic designer for six years. She worked at various companies across London from fashion houses to international banks, and was involved in a number of design projects in the Far East. She also authored a book on graphic design.

Once she became qualified to teach yoga, she started holding classes for her colleagues and realised she wanted to become a full-time teacher. In the years since, her start-up has grown from a solo operation to a team of four experienced instructors.
The Office Yoga Co. Founder Anouska Shenn


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