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How to Get the Most Out of Your Livestreamed Yoga Classes

Woman practising corporate yoga online at home

Our tips for maximising your virtual yoga classes while working from home

Make use of props
Props are a great way to make poses more accessible and help you advance your practice. One of the benefits of practising from home versus the office is that you will likely have access to household objects which can be repurposed into yoga props. If you don’t have any props, here are some ideas for substitutions to get your started:

  • Yoga blocks are generally used to raise the floor level in poses where our hands make contact with the ground. If you don’t have blocks, you could use a stack of hardback books, or a sturdy rectangular food container.

  • Yoga straps are sometimes useful for poses where the the spine is rotated and the hands are clasped, or in a forward fold where you would reach for one or both feet. In these scenarios, you can use a strap or a length of fabric (a tie, a belt, a pair of tights) to extend the reach of your arms.

  • Yoga bolsters are large, cylindrical cushions used to support the body in various restorative poses. An alternative could be a stack of firm pillows. Blankets and eye pillows or masks are also great additions to these more restful poses.

Location, location, location
Setting aside a distraction-free zone to practise in can be a challenge, especially if you share your living space with others who may also be working from home. If possible, try to find a place where you won’t be interrupted and where you have plenty of room around your mat to move – including overhead, if you’re tall!

Stay connected
If weak Wi-Fi signal is an issue, move closer to your router where possible. You could also ask others on the same network to pause their high-bandwidth activities such as online video games or video streaming for the duration of the class.

Leave your camera on
Whether you decide to broadcast your video is entirely your choice and one that we are fully sympathetic to, especially given the rise of ‘Zoom fatigue’. However, consider that by enabling the teacher to view your video you allow us to better serve and tailor the class to the needs of the group. Equally, it helps to create a more communal experience for your fellow colleagues.

Microphones, on the other hand, are best left muted once the class has begun to reduce background noise and avoid echo.

Listen to your body
You should never feel any pain or discomfort in any of the poses. If you do, please back off the stretch or take a rest. Child’s Pose, or lying down with the knees together are both good options for taking rest.

If you are unsure about whether a pose would be suitable for you or how to modify it for your body, do speak to the teacher via the chat or email your instructor at [email protected].
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