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What Our Clients Say

We are fortunate to have worked with a number of innovative clients across multiple sectors, from ambitious startups to industry stalwarts all over the world. Here is some of the lovely feedback they have shared from their experiences working with us.
Women practising corporate yoga in an office

“Anouska's energy and attitude are completely infectious. She's smiley and happy and down-to-earth, and is equally able to motivate those who do yoga often and those who practise less regularly. She always makes you feel like you've achieved something and seems to love every minute when she's teaching. She's visited our workplace for private tuition on a number of occasions and her sessions are increasingly well-attended as word spreads. I'd recommend her to anyone, she's a fantastic teacher.”

– Fran P, Design Director
“Anouska's yoga sessions are a highlight of my week. My strength and flexibility have improved massively since starting which is very rewarding. Anouska is great at explaining everything we do and at pushing me personally to go beyond my goals which I love, she is patient and helpful when we don't understand certain positions, and just a lovely person to be around. Couldn't recommend highly enough!”

– Meg B, Designer

“Absolutely adore classes with Anouska, I have had a knee recon and she always provides options and variations.”

– Konalee L, Senior Digital Project Manager
“Anouska's lunchtime classes are the right balance of challenging and relaxing – leaving you feeling energised and ready to take on the rest of the day!”

– Sharn K, Consultant

“I love going to Anouska's classes – It's a good stress reducer mid-day and brings a sense of calm for the rest of it. It's the perfect pace, so it's still a relaxing break. It's a great perk to have access to every week at work.”

– Samantha S, Research and Data Analytics Manager
“Anouska is such a lovely teacher with a happy and gentle manner, and guides you through all the moves really well. As a newcomer I was apprehensive, but she really put me at my ease.”

– Siobhan J, Senior Account Manager

“I didn’t come often but really valued you as a teacher when I did. You have the perfect style, calm, knowledge and commitment; I can’t think of a better teacher.”

– Henrietta H, Senior PR Consultant
“Anouska is a lovely yoga teacher. Feel completely comfortable in her classes, and come out feeling very chilled. Love them!”

– Aga N, Head of Studio


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